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Our games

  • Web

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  • Art and Digital

Our web team specialises in:

  • Responsive websites, eCommerce websites, and landing pages
  • Website maintenance, update, and content delivery
  • Publication conversion to compliant web formats
  • Server infrastructure
  • Web compliance & accessibility
  • Custom website design and development
  • Plugin and extension development

We are also highly specialised in the following applications of the growing mobile industry:

  • App development and optimisations
  • App localisations & publishing
  • User acquisition and app monitisation in China
  • Games development in Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, and Unity3D engines

We provide services in art and digital, including:

  • Game UI design
  • Game original artworks, character design, environment artworks
  • CGI and trailer production
  • General graphics design
  • Digital publishing


We are proud to be the go-to sub-contracting agency for many other domestic and global agencies.

If you are an agency, we kindly invite you to contact us and find out how we can provide you with consistent and ongoing development service.

“To craft quality games for a global audience, and to deliver cost-effective development service to our agency clients.”

Founded in 2010, as a games studio we have delivered renowned gaming titles and provided our agency clients with consistent and high quality development service.

Avil Arts have formed partnerships with global and local agencies from various sectors including advertising, design, games publishing and development, and media, to extend our level of service and deliver the best products. We are also actively looking for new partnerships to expand our level of service.

Avil Arts Partners

We are a group of tech-savvy web,mobile,and server engineers,together with a serious ambition to deliver world class IT products and services.

Our teams

Epic service at reasonable cost

Over the years we have achieved a low-cost operating structure, by having a small in-house development team and refusing to own a luxurious office space. These meant less overhead cost for our agency and thus less cost being passed onto our clients. More importantly, having an in-house development team ensures quicker turnaround and better and a better overall outcome for your project.

If you are a design or an advertising agency needing a development backbone, let our experienced team provide you with quality, cost-effective, and ongoing service. 

Not just an agency but a real industry player

Besides being a web & mobile-based design & development agency, we are also a games studio specialising in mid-core and casual games. Visit the Games page to see some of our published games.

Being a mobile gaming company means that our team can provide mobile-oriented advice, help you avoid many pit-traps, as well as assist you in making better business decisions in today’s emerging mobile space.

With clients & partners ranging from fortune 500 companies to small businesses

Over the years, we’ve worked with large agencies all the way to small businesses that has a limited budget. Whether you are a large agency requiring a reliable cloud-based infrastructure to cater for a wider audience, or a small business needing a website which you can self-manage, our team can provide correct advice and deliver budget-friendly work that suits your operating size.