Swords & Sorcery

Guide your Incredible army of Heroes through the Land of Sorceries in this Legendary Free RPG! Summon your faithful Heroes to slay the sorcerers and raid thousands of Online players for their riches.

Choose Legendary Hero to suit your style of play. 

Select from multiple Hero classes depending on your play style. Over 100 Heroes at your command with each having a legendary combat skill to slay any opponent. Fuse and evolve your Mage to make them stronger. All the classic CCG mechanics are available here.

Awesome PvE & PvP Combat

  • Defend the Homeland from raiding sorcerers through an incredible online battle against our global community and Villains.
  • Summon incredible Heroes on your Quest to Glory
  • Embark on a journey to unlock the mysterious battle cards and leap between platforms to collect masses of coins and experience as rewards.

Alliance Interactions

Join a Alliance and increase the honor of your Kingdom, Send your friends Free gifts and rewards to help them defend the homeland. Use the chat feature to make online friends and discuss battle strategies.

Defense Buildings

Build a mighty fortress and scare away the raiders. Hire faithful protectors in your defense buildings to gain experience from every successful defines.